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Let's make podcasts.

We work closely with our clients to develop unique, well-reported and powerfully told stories meant to be listened to. We are a team of producers, journalists, audio engineers and musicians who work together to create original content in English and Spanish for news media and brands. We have over 10 years' experience in original reporting, storytelling and native advertising.

Recording studio equipment


We are a full-service production company working with clients on all stages of production, from development to field production and post-production of podcast episodes, series, shows and ads. We work with an extensive network of producers across the world to tell stories from anywhere in English and Spanish, for news media and brands.


We help our clients shape ideas and original content to match their corporate vision and goals, helping them better engage target audiences.


We take care of all production needs, from project development, managing show hosts and guests, finding stories, recording high quality field audio and interviews, casting for voice actors, composing original music, mixing, scoring, and everything our clients need to create podcast perfection.


We offer studio recording services in Mexico City and arrange for tape syncs and partner studios anywhere our clients need them.


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A Spotify Original Podcast

One of our most recent productions is Un Poco de Contexto, a Spotify Original news podcast in Spanish about current affairs in Mexico. The 32-episode weekly series was co-produced by Kizaya and La Puerta Estudios for Spotify. First aired in May, it consistently rated #1 Top News Podcast in Mexico up until the end of its first season in November 2021.

DiDi Podcast

By Kizaya

DiDi Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast in Spanish produced by Kizaya for the global ride-sharing app DiDi since 2022. Ruta DiDi features narrative episodes each Wednesday, while Cabina DiDi is a chatcast featuring expert guests each Friday.

Ruta DiDi.jpeg
Cabina DiDi.jpeg

BirdNote en Español

By BirdNote+Kizaya

BirdNote is a daily podcast inspiring listeners to care about the natural world through vivid and wondrous storytelling. Starting November 1st 2022, Kizaya has been producing BirdNote Español, adapting episodes to Spanish from their original English versions. We've also produced original content in English and translated to Spanish for BirdNote Español.

Historia en Podcast

By Kizaya + El Colegio de México

Pasado/Presente is an original podcast original series where every Tuesday, journalists chat with historians to grasp the foundations for understanding our present. Hosted by Lucina Melesio and Paula Vilella, Pasado/Presente: Historia en Podcast is produced by Kizaya Studios for the Center for Historical Studies at El Colegio de México. The interviews were recorded at the studios of the Digital Education Coordination at El Colegio de México.


Hey! Got questions about our services, looking for podcast ideas, booking a studio or tape sync? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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